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About Vetera-DDW-25

About Vetera-DDW-25 veterinary anticancer medicine

Vetera-DDW-25 A.U.V. deuterium-depleted anticancer drug was registered for the adjuvant therapy of neoplastic diseases of household pets (13/99 FVM) in Hungary, in 1999. Its main indication is pre- and post treatment of surgical interventions or single treatment in the case of non-operable tumors. Vetera-DDW-25 is administered per os (orally). In 2010, the marketing authorisation of Vetera-DDW-25 was renewed, the Central Agricultural Office Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Product qualified Vetera-DDW-25 as a paramedicinal product for the adjuvant therapy of neoplastic diseases of household pets (Reg. No. 084/1/2011 MgSzH ÁTI).

Vetera-DDW-25 has been effective in combination with surgery when conditions allowed the excision of the tumor or as a single treatment. Mammary tumors in dogs and cats showed a response rate higher than 70%; more than 50% of the animals achieved complete recovery. Similar effectiveness was observed in dogs and cats bearing rectal tumors. More than 70% of cats with lymphoid leucosis achieved complete response.

After recovery, it is advisable to make a 1 or 2 months repetition cure, once or twice a year depending on the type of cancer. Application of the product can fully eliminate the need of operation; alternatively, the tumor brought to regression by oral application of VETERA-DDW-25 can be safely removed surgically. The treatment has no harmful side effects, in many cases the animal's mood, motility and fur quality was substantially improved.

VETERA-DDW-25 can also get a major role in tumor prevention. Long-term animal experiments and the practical application have both shown that cures of VETERA-DDW-25 (1.5-2 months yearly) can minimize the likelihood of cancer development. In case of breeds with inherited tendency to tumors (e.g. mammary cancer) preventive application in the offspring is advisable.

Since the authorization of Vetera-DDW-25 no pharmacovigilance report (adverse drug reaction, extra-label use, human reaction associated with the use of the product, suspected lack of expected efficacy) has been received by the Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Product.

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