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Preventa for Athletes

The effect of deuterium depletion on physical performance has been investigated in sports medicine studies.

The participants of the study conducted by the National Institute of Sports Medicine, members of the Hungarian national rowing team, consumed Preventa drinking water with 105 ppm deuterium content in the treated group and normal drinking water in the control group during the 44-day study, and were submitted to the usual ergometric loading tests. The results showed that the athletes who consumed Preventa with 105 ppm deuterium mastered the loading tests with better physiological parameters than those in the control group, who consumed normal drinking water and could compensate the metabolic effects of the load better.

On effect of the reduced deuterium content, the tissues went into hypoxic state later, mobilization of glucose was improved, and lactic acid level increased more slowly.

The test results and the athletes’ subjective experiences were in unison, that is, after consuming Preventa they showed better performance, regenerated faster, and had improved stamina. Preventa may thus be suitable for improving the performance of the organism in situations with increased physical load.

Györe I., Somlyai G. (2005) Csökkentett deutérium tartalmú ivóvíz hatása a teljesítőképességre sportolóknál/The effect of deuterium depleted drinking water on the performance of sportsmen. Sportorvosi Szemle/Hungarian Review of Sports Medicine 46/1:27-38.


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