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General Terms & Conditions


1. Aims of this document

1.1. The General Terms & Conditions contain the rules of sales process of HYD LLC. for Cancer Research and Drug Development (referred as: „The Supplier”) happening through the webshop operating on the site www.preventa.org (referred as: “The Webshop”) – what also includes the operation, orders and fulfillment of orders through the webshop and the rights of its customers. Handling the private information about our customers is stated in the Privacy Policy.

1.2. Buying products in our Webshop the customers are making individual contracts. The individual contracts are bonding legal connections only for the time of the service of product ordered by the customer (consumer), not included the fals, mistaken, not fulfilled or broken sevice of the Supplier leaving the due dates open to use the connecting rights.

1.3. The contracts made in the Webshop is such a consumer’s contract, what is singed about the ordered service of product without the same time presence of the partners, and the partners are using the Webshop as a tool of communication what can be used as such an instrument, and using it as a certified tool of the statement of the contract. In this means, the Webshop is such a tool that makes the communication available through internet connection what is being operated on the computer or such instrument of the partners.

1.4. The General Terms & Conditions are set by the Supplier unilaterally in order to make the contracting between the Supplier and the customer without discussing it with them. The contracts made through this system are not negotiable.

1.5. If you want to be a buyer or active customer of the Webshop, please read carefully the the General Terms & Conditions, and use our service just and only if you fully accept it and take it obligatory. The users of the Webshop are accepting that the General Terms & Conditions are mandatory conditions. Any use of the Webshop – including the views what are not concluded in purchase – are driven by the General Terms & Conditions.

1.6. The General Terms & Conditions is an official document drawn in Hungarian and English languages, and the legal right originated from this are not referring the Ethical Codex of the Suppliers work.

2. Information about the Supplier

Company name: HYD Rákkutató és Gyógyszerfejlesztő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Seat (same postal address): H-1118 Budapest, Villányi út 97.
Registering body: Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Registry number: 01-09-260799
TAX number: 10805459-2-43
Information Security ID: NAIH-78545/2014
Customer Service (Tel.): 06-1-381-0765; 06-1-365-1660
Customer Service (Email): info@preventa.org
Language of the contract: Hungarian
Personal pickup of the orders: N/A
Processing orders: manual processing only on workdays, 09:00–16:00, automated processing (not included the OUS times – 24/7)

3. Information about the Webshop’s provider

Company name: NetBlaze Group Szociális Szövetkezet
Seat (same postal address): Cser-Zilai u. 10., Zalaszentgrót, 8790 Hungary
Registry court: Zalaegerszegi Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Registry number: 20-02-050340
TAX number: 24804413-1-20
Customer Service (Tel.): 06-30-894-6493
Customer Service (Email): info@netblaze.hu

4. Shipping agent’s information

Company: DPD Hungary Kft. Headquarter: 1134 Budapest, Váci út 33., Building A, 2nd.floor, Hungary Company registry number: 01-09-888141 Tax number: 13034283-2-41 Central contacts: E-mail: dpd@dpd.hu Phone number: +36 1 501 6200
Company: Magyar Posta Vállalat Heasquarter: 1138 Budapest, Dunavirág u. 2−6., Hungary Mailing address: Budapest H-1540 Company registry number: Cg. 01-10-042463 Tax number: 10901232-2-44 Central contacts:
Homepage: www.posta.hu Email: posta@posta.hu Phone: (+36 1) 767 8200 Fax: (+36 1) 767 8201
Company: Jadran Shipping Kft.
Seat (same postal address): H-1055 Budapest, Stollár Béla u. 12/C, I./1.
Registry court: Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága
Registry number: 01 09 072389
TAX number: HU10507869
Customer Service (Tel.): +36-1-353-2014, +36-1-353-4168
Customer Service (Email): zita.foldvary@jadranshipping.hu

5. Operation of the Webshop

5.1. The Webshop can be reached from in and out of Hungary through the internet. The delivery and fulfillment of orders from abroad are subject of individual negotiations.

5.2. The customers of the Webshop must be capable adults above the age of 18 years.

6. The Product

6.1. In the Webshop the customers can buy the products of Preventa detailed precisely on the subpages of the Webshop (drinking water, dietary supplement, veterinary anticancer medicinal product, book). Preventa products are deuterium-depleted drinking waters with different deuterium concentration and dietary supplement; deuterium-depleted oyster mushroom capsules. The indicated numbers on the labels of Preventa drinking waters show the deuterium concentration of the given product. According to this, for example Preventa 125 contains 125 ppm, Preventa 105 105 ppm and Preventa 85 85 ppm deuterium. Vetera-DDW-25 veterinary anticancer medicinal product contains 25 ppm deuterium.

6.2. In the Webshop the Supplier presents the name and image of the products, and details their contents. The pictures shown on the website can be different than the real ones, and are illustrations only. We are not taking responsibility for the real look and the pictures of the product shown in the Webshop.

6.3. The products can be purchased from the Supplier, what will be delivered by a shipping agent to the customer.

7. The process of purchase

7.1. The supplier sell the product through the Webshop. The Supplier accepts orders placed at www.preventa.hu.

7.2. The purchase through the Webshop doesn’t require registration. But the customer can register through the process of purchase a customers’ account – by his or her own will – where his or her personal details will be stored. Creating a customer’s account helps in future purchases in the Webshop; with creating one the system will automatically remember the customer’s personal details and will not be needed to provide them again.

7.3. When creating a customer’s account the user must set a personal username and a password, what will be used in the future for the customer’s authentication. The requirement of the password is to be 6 characters long that includes uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. We don’t recommend using easy recovered passwords neither personal details as passwords. If you forget your password you can request a recovery email to your registered email address where you will get a one-time password what you can use to enter to your account and set a new password. The supplier stores the passwords in an encoded secure process, so the original password cannot be recovered for the customer.

7.4. The customer must provide all information to the Supplier what is required to fulfill the order, for invoicing and delivery of the products. These details are personal contact information, too, like email address and phone number.

7.5. During the purchase process the customer has to choose the requested products from the Webshop and after the selection set the number of pieces he/she wants from the products or other details if applicable, then click on the “Add to cart” button. After clicking "Go to order" the customer will arrive to the Cart, where he/she can check the list of the chosen products. Here, the customer has the opportunity to remove products from the cart or modify the quantity.

7.6. If the customer changes his or her mind and deletes the content of the virtual shopping basket, can return anytime to the main page of the Webshop and every shopping detail will be deleted.

8. Processing and delivery of orders

8.1. The processing of the orders is partially manual and partially automated process. The manual process of the orders are on weekdays between 9:00 to 16:00, the automated processing, out of office hours are 24/7. You can place your order anytime, but we cannot take the not planned shutdowns into account.

8.2. After placing your order you will receive a verifying email to the email address you provided. If you do not get the verification in 48 hours, please check your “Spam” folder in your mailbox, or call our customer service. The supplier does not take responsibility for the unverified orders if it is from the inaccurate information given by the customer.

8.3. If the Supplier cannot fulfill the order by lack of stock from the ordered product, the Supplier informs the Customer in the possibly shortest period of time, but in max. 8 working days.

8.4. The Supplier holds the right to reject verified orders, if it cannot fulfill the order because of the above mentioned changes. The partial fulfillment of the order can be taken only after detailed communication with the customer.

9. Delivery of the product

9.1. The products will be delivered in every case. In case of purchase from the Webshop there is no possibility to pick it up personally.

9.2. The delivery is handled by the shipping partner of the Webshops provider according to Chapter 4. of this document.

9.3. The delivery address can be different from the billing address. It is suggested to give a delivery address where the customer can be reached during the estimated time of the delivery.

9.4. The package containes the invoice of the purchase.

9.5. Please, check the package and the product upon delivery while the messenger is still there, and if you notice any damage on the packing ask for filing a report from the Messenger. If the package is damaged the Customer has the right to refuse it. The provider cannot be accounted any complaint after delivery if it wasn’t recorded by the Messenger.

10. Terms of payment

10.1. The fees of communication between the partners (fee of internet or phone calls) are paid by the initiator.

10.2. The fees paid by the customer are the followings: (i) the price of the Product, (ii) delivery fee*. The Provider does not apply any other fees on the Customer. Upon usage of cash substitute tool (e.g. credit card) all banking and transfer fees are paid by the Customer.

10.3. The price of the product with VAT is indicated after each product, next to the price of the product. The final cost does not include the emerging custom fee, payable on the Customer's side.

10.4. The full price of the purchase is included in the summary of the purchase and the response email with the payment link/proforma invoice contains all charges.

10.5. The price of the products found in the webshop are indicated in EUR/USD. Every other fees and delivery charges are calculated in EUR/USD too, including VAT.

10.6. The Provider does not ask and does not accept any financial securities from the Customer.

10.7. For placing an order and purchase a product no loan can be requested from the Provider – not even through other providers.

10.8. According to the Financial Laws of Hungary the Provider sends the invoice to the Customer within the package on delivery what contains every information required by the Law.

10.9. The payment for the product(s) purchased can be made through wire transfer or credit card (SimplePay) upon request. If the customer chose to make the payment through wire transfer that means prepayment. In this case we are sending a proforma invoice what will be sent to the Customer before sending the product. The proforma invoice is not suitable for tax refund. In case of non-transferring the invoiced amount for the products, the order will be deleted.

*The cost of delivery can be different according to the weight, the value of the products and the destination of the shipment.

11. Right to recede

11.1. The contract for purchasing any products from the Webshop, the Customer can be recede (i) from the start of the contract until receiving the proforma invoice (ii) If the customer did not receive any written response within 14 (fourteen) days he/she can recede from the order.

11.2. The customer does not have to explain the receding.

11.3. If the customer recedes, it can be communicated through email and the receding must be confirmed within 2 workdays upon receiving.

12. Warranty

12.1. Warranty

12.1.1. The provider can assume warranty over the product, or warranty can be applicable on the product according to the Law of Warranty of consumer’s products 151/2003. (IX. 22.) Gov. Act.

12.1.2. The warranty prescribed by the law is not applicable if the provider assume warranty in the contract.

12.2. Partial warranty

12.2.1. The Customer – in case of the failed service of the Provider – can claim his warranty rights according to the connecting law of the Civil Law.

12.2.2. The customer – as his or her choice – can request partial warranty from the Provider – or as agreed can request replacement of the product. If the Customer did not request the replacement, or cannot request it, can ask for the partial refund or can cancel the contract.

12.2.3. The customer can live with his/her lawful right of warranty for another product too, but the difference in the price must be paid by the customer.

12.2.4. The warranty claim must be taken as valid in time for any error of the product what caused the problem.

12.2.5. If the damage in the product comes from the misuse by the customer (e.g. wrong way of storage), the customer must bear the consequences and the responsibility of the claim, if the provider gave enough details about the usage and storage of the product.

12.3. Full warranty

12.3.1. The Ptk. (Code of civil law in Hungary) defined the customer can use his or her right for warranty in front of the provider according to the connecting law. The product considered as malfunctioning, if it doesn’t fit the quality requirements of the manufacturer during the time of vending, or does not bear the quality features set by the manufacturer.

12.3.2. In the means of product warranty, the customer can demand that the manufacturer (or the provider who is also the vendor) replace the product.

12.3.3. In case of any damages the loss is covered by shipping/general insurence.

12.3.4. The manufacturer (provider) obtains acquittance from the bond of warranty if proves the followings:
(a) the product was not manufactured or sold as a registered business or as an individual vendor;
(b) the error was not possible to reveal due to the lack scientific and technical knowledge; or
(c) the error of the product was caused by legal requirements.

12.4. The warranty claim of the customer must be during the period of warranty, but in limitation of 1.5 years from the date of manufacturing (the expiration date).

12.5. Partial and full warranty claims cannot be submitted in the same time.

12.6. The customer must inform the provider about the experienced errors of the product immediately upon revelation.

13. Privacy

During the purchase process in the webshop the usage of the private data of the customers falls under the regulations of the Privacy Policy.

14. Copyrights

14.1. The contents of the Webshop and every other connection material are falling under the protection of the copyright and the owner of these rights is the Provider.

14.2. The provider holds every right in connection of the Webshop, every parts and its full content (including images, texts and documents too). It is forbidden to download, store, process or sale of any part or in whole without the pre-permission of the Provider.

14.3. The Provider permits the users to use and download and print the content of the webshop on his or her own computer for private use, but forbids distributing it to third parties. This permits the users only for handling the original copy of the content or its archivation.

14.4. The provider holds the right to cease its websites, to change its content, or restrict the reach of them. The provider does not take any responsibility for continuous operation of the websites, and to keep the operation without errors. The provider disclaims every responsibility for any damage caused by the errors of the website, and from cases if the content is unreachable by the errors of the website. The provider does not take any responsibility for the content of any third parties connecting to the website, or to contents what are referring to its website.

15. Claims and legal debates

15.1. Any questions and observations connecting to our products can be asked from our customer service points.

15.2. In case of complaint you can reach us on the address written in this document. We investigate every complaint and take care of them immediately. If you don’t agree with the answer or action taken after your complaint or the immediate investigation is not possible, we are recording your complaint in a report in two copies and we will inform you as soon as possible about the outcomes. Your complaint will be answered in 30 days according to the law.
The client, if a consumer, is entitled to use an EU online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, which assists with any contractual dispute the Client may have with the Seller.
This platform is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
The ODR platform is a point of entry for out-of-court resolutions of disputes arising from online sales and service contracts concluded between consumers and traders.

16. Scope and Effect

16.1. The current Terms&Conditions are taken effect from the date of 1st of June 2015 and are in effect until modification or countermand

16.2. The provider holds the right to modify its General Terms & Conditions. If such modification takes place it will be advertised on the website before it takes effect.

17. Applicable laws

17.1. The following laws and acts are in power in connection of the relation and the current procedure:
17.1.1. The act of Civil law year 2013 law number V. („Ptk.”);
17.1.2. the law about the electronic customer services and electronic trade 2001. year CVIII. law („Ekertv.”);
17.1.3. the law about trade 2005. year CLXIV. law (a „Kertv.”);
17.1.4. the law about the financial and advertising activities 2008. year XLVIII. law ( „Grt.”);
17.1.5. the law about information security 2011. year CXII. law („Infotv.”);
17.1.6. the law about the warranty of different products 151/2003. (IX. 22.) Gov. Act.;
17.1.7. the law about trading services 210/2009 (IX. 29.) Gov. Act.;
17.1.8. the law about the contractual relation between the customer and the provider 45/2014 (II. 26.) Gov. Act.;
17.1.9. the law about the trade acts and contracts between the customer and the provider 19/2014 (IV. 29.) NGM act.

18. Mixed rulings

18.1. This documents rules the relation between the provider and the customer. If the person of the buyer cannot be taken as customer, the current Terms & Conditions are not applicable.

18.2. The provider has the right to hire a third party to fulfill its obligations.

18.3. If some of the parts of the Terms&Conditions are ceased to be in power, the rest of the rulings are still remain applicable.

18.4. If the provider does not applies and of his rights written in the General Terms & Conditions it does not mean that the provider decedes from this right. Every right the provider decedes must be in written statement. If the provider does not stick to one or more of his rights in this document, does not mean that the provider won’t use it next time.

Receding form

HYD Rákkutató és Gyógyszerfejlesztő
Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Budapest, XI. ker.
Villányi út 97.

I, the undersigned declare, that I/We would like to apply my/our right to recede from the order of the following product:

Time of contraction / time of delivery:
Name of the Product:
Quantity of the product:
Name(s) of the customers(s):
Address of the customer(s):
Signature of the customer(s):

[City], [year, month, day]

(only in case of hardcopy)


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