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About Preventa

Preventa is the world’s first product family of deuterium-depleted drinking waters, has been developed based on international patent of HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development. Preventa is the brand with the longest history, highest consumer demand and highest reliability in this category, offering the widest range of deuterium-depleted drinking waters.

Another product in the Preventa brand is a deuterium-depleted dietary supplement of HYD LLC., Preventa oyster mushroom capsules. This is the only 100% natural oyster mushroom product coming from cultivation using water of reduced, 85 ppm, deuterium content. Read more »

The Preventa Quality

Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking waters, protected by international trademarks, are premium bottled waters, their reliable quality is controlled and certified by accredited institutes and pharmaceutical-grade laboratories.

Frequently asked questions

Deuterium, a.k.a. heavy hydrogen, is a naturally occurring stable – non-radioactive – variation of hydrogen. The atomic nucleus of hydrogen consists of one proton only, but the deuterium nucleus contains one proton and one neutron. This considerable, twofold mass difference causes significant differences in the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and deuterium. Preventa, the world’s first drinking water product family with lowered deuterium content, was developed on the basis of an international patent by HYD LLC. Preventa drinking water was licensed by the Budapest Veterinary Health and Food Control Station in 1999, based on expert opinion of Fodor József National Centre of Public Health, Institute of Environmental Health, and National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science.
The deuterium content of Preventa drinking waters is by far lower than the natural value, and the degree of depletion is higher than the natural variation of deuterium level. The deuterium content of water is normally given in ppm (parts per million) units, which shows, how many in one million hydrogen atoms are deuterium, or how many in one million water (H2O) molecules are heavy water (D2O). Deuterium content can be measured by mass spectrometry and laser-based techniques.
Deuterium-depleted water is produced by an energy-demanding technology based on differences in the physicochemical properties of normal water (H2O) and heavy water (D2O). Due to a boiling point difference of merely 1.5°C, the concentration of heavy water (with higher boiling point) is lower in the vapour phase and this fact is utilized for producing deuterium-depleted water. By repeating evaporation several times in so-called distillation columns, the deuterium content of water can be reduced to any level.
The numbers indicated in the names of Preventa drinking waters mean the deuterium content of that product in ppm units. Accordingly, Preventa 125 contains 125 ppm, Preventa 105 contains 105 ppm, and Preventa 85 contains 85 ppm deuterium, in contrast to the 140-145 ppm typical for surface waters – and hence, for ordinary tap water – in our geographical zone.
Research shows that decreasing the level of deuterium in the tissues and organs is a natural biological process. However, the body's ability to deplete deuterium decreases as we get older, sicker and get less exercise or sunlight. This natural system is the target of the deuterium depleting procedure. By changing the deuterium level of drinking water below the natural level, the deuterium content in the body can be kept low even if the said natural cell process is faulty. By proper choice and continuous consumption, deuterium depletion in the organism can be maintained for long periods.


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